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Meet the Trustees

At Little Miracles we are very lucky to have some amazingly supportive and experienced trustees.

For full details of our trustee board please view the Charity Commission Website .

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  • Iain Crighton MBE FIMI

    Published 05/03/24, by Louise Evans

    As the newly appointed Chair at Little Miracles Iain’s first contact with Little Miracles was through interviewing Michelle for a Business Awards entry and then an involvement with business coaching sessions through the Allia Grow Your Business programme. Next step was an invitation to join the Board of Trustees and now honoured to be appointed as Chair of this amazing charity.

    Passionate about supporting local communities both through his businesses and voluntary roles. A past Trustee of the local Cambridgeshire Community Foundation and past Trustee of Sports Aid Eastern. Proud to have played an integral role in starting successful youth development programme at local cricket club. In addition chaired the strategic partnership between local government, education and business to ultimately create the original Peterborough Skills Vision.  Also led the way towards the planting of a new forest for the City by coordinating the planting of the first 5000 trees (named Crightons Wood to celebrate his parents retirement from the family business), which also involving local Primary school children growing their own trees from seeds.

    Iain is now looking forward to working closely with Michelle, her team and fellow trustees to see Little Miracles growing their fantastic work in the East of England.

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  • Peter Jackson

    Published 24/10/23, by Louise Evans

    Peter is the new vice-chairman at Little Miracles.

    Here is what Peter has to say about supporting Little Miracles:

    Hello, I'm Peter Jackson, a retired company director, and I'm thrilled to be a trustee at Little Miracles.

    I first crossed paths with Michelle when she was just starting this amazing organisation. The work she was doing to support children and families facing significant health challenges impressed me deeply. I couldn't just stand by; I wanted to get involved.

    Over the years, I stayed engaged with Little Miracles, offering support whenever I could. So, when the opportunity to become a trustee came up, I gladly accepted. I'm here to do my part and help the cause.

    My background in business management and leadership equips me with the skills to contribute to our mission's growth. As a trustee, I actively participate in decision-making and governance to ensure we continue providing top-notch care and support to the families who rely on us.

    I'm honoured to be part of the Little Miracles family, working alongside other passionate supporters to create a brighter future. Together, we'll make a lasting impact on the lives of the children and families we serve. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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  • Tim Bedward-Jones

    Published 21/11/22, by Admin

    Tim has been a Trustee at Little Miracles for over 4 years.

    Here is what Tim has to say about supporting Little Miracles:

    "Both my boys use the services Little Miracles provide and I am so grateful for all they do. I said the words to Michelle “if there is ever anything I can do to help” and the rest is history."

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  • Emerson Paton

    Published 19/10/22, by Admin

    Emerson has been a trustee with Little Miracles for for more than 7 years.

    Here is what Emerson has to say about supporting Little Miracles:

    "I met Michelle at one of my business planning events.

    I offered to give her a free session afterwards as a charity. When I saw the great work that she was doing with the team at Little Miracles how could I not want to get involved. She asked me if I’d like to be a trustee and I jumped at the chance. I would like to bring my business advice skills to the charity to make sure that we are working the best we can and hoping to raise funding for the children in the best ways that we can.

    I’m passionate about supporting the children and have not only been a trustee but dressed up as Santa and delivered presents to hundreds of children in the lockdown, rode a bike for charity around the Isle of Wight one of the hottest days of the year in 2022. During the lockdown I came up with the home haircut challenge of which we managed to raised another £3500.

    The work Little Miracles stuff is so important for the families of the children as well as the children themselves and I need to feel that in this world we’re not only there to support ourselves but also our community around us and that’s why I’m also a trustee for Little Miracles."

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