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Meet the Team

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  • Meet Lauren

    Published 10/07/23, by Sophia Wakemen

    Hello there! I'm Lauren, and my connection with Little Miracles goes back an impressive 7 years!

    My journey with Little Miracles began as a family member. I am a proud mother of three wonderful children named Ava, Elouise, and Theo. From being a family member, I transitioned into a volunteer role, then an employee. However, I took a four-year break to care for my daughter during a critical time. Now, I am thrilled to be back with Little Miracles, this time as a fundraiser!

    Having an employer who understands, appreciates, and accommodates my personal situation is of utmost importance to me. Little Miracles has been incredible in this regard. They fully comprehend and embrace the fact that my child's well-being and needs always come first. This understanding and support are the reasons why I never want to leave! Fundraising is my way of giving back, as helping other families like mine holds tremendous significance. Little Miracles has been my guiding light, pulling me out of dark places, and I want to ensure that no other family ever feels alone or helpless.

    I eagerly look forward to crossing paths with you soon!


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  • Meet Sarah

    Published 05/04/23, by Sophia Wakemen
    Hi! I'm Sarah, and my role here is as the volunteer manager at Little Miracles. One aspect I absolutely adore about working here are the children! Witnessing their joyous and beaming faces is truly heartwarming, and it reinforces our purp
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  • Meet Georgia

    Published 05/04/23, by Sophia Wakemen
    Hello there! I'm Georgia, and I proudly work as the Grant and Trust Fundraiser at Little Miracles. Previously, I had been working with another charitable organisation, but unfortunately, I faced redundancy. However, a stroke of luck occurred w
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  • Meet Johanna​​​​​​​

    Published 21/11/22, by Sophia Wakemen

    Hi there! I'm Johanna, and I've proudly served as the Family Support Coordinator at Little Miracles for the past five years.

    One of the aspects I truly appreciate about my role is the diversity it offers. Each day brings forth a unique set of challenges, keeping things exciting and dynamic. Moreover, I take great pleasure in assisting and supporting the families we serve. Building connections, understanding their journeys, and constantly expanding my knowledge base are all aspects that bring me immense satisfaction.

    My personal experiences as a parent to a child facing medical and developmental challenges have been instrumental in shaping my career path within the SEND profession. It is through my own journey that I developed a deep desire to support families during these trying times. Little Miracles provides me with a platform to make a meaningful impact and be there for others facing similar challenges.


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  • Meet Nikita

    Published 09/11/22, by Sophia Wakemen

    Hi, I am Nikita, the Centre Manager at Peterborough.

    I first joined Little Miracles many years ago as a parent when the team were supporting me with my eldest child. Over the following years I worked in the early years sector, local schools and children's centres gaining the experience from both a professional and a parent’s perspective. I wanted to use the skills I had gained to give back and work with families, helping them in the same way that Little Miracles had helped me many years before. They had inspired me and I wanted to join them in the amazing work they do.

    I enjoy so many aspects of my role;  meeting the families, providing enriching experiences and opportunities to our young people and being able to support the parents and guardians at the same time. I also love to learn from my colleagues and the professionals I liaise with on a daily basis.


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  • Meet Abdul

    Published 28/10/22, by Sophia Wakemen

    Hi, I'm Abdul, and for the past three months, I have been working as a seasonal employee at Little Miracles.

    Working at Little Miracles guarantees that every day is filled with excitement and engagement, thanks to the incredible interactions I have with the children and their families. There is never a dull moment!

    Initially, I joined Little Miracles as a volunteer and was captivated by the remarkable culture and work ethic that permeated the organisation. This experience inspired me to pursue a permanent position within the team, and I am grateful that my dedication and passion were recognised, leading to my eventual hiring.


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  • Meet Arifa

    Published 28/10/22, by Sophia Wakemen

    Hiya! I'm Arifa, and I have had the privilege of working as the Youth Worker Lead at Little Miracles in Peterborough for the past three years.

    One of the most rewarding aspects of our events and activities is observing the sheer joy and happiness that radiates from the children and families participating. Witnessing their beaming smiles brings me immense joy, and receiving appreciation from parents and young people further fuels my drive. It is incredibly fulfilling to know that I am making a positive impact in their lives.

    Working with children who have disabilities has always been a deep-seated aspiration of mine. I am driven by the desire to provide support and assistance to families, and to make a meaningful difference in their lives. My journey with Little Miracles began long before I joined the team; for over ten years, I had been aware of the incredible support and dedication they offer. Becoming a part of this remarkable organisation and contributing to the well-being of families and children has been a cherished goal of mine.


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  • Meet Kat

    Published 21/10/22, by Sophia Wakemen

    Hi there, I'm Kat. I have the privilege of overseeing the branches in St. Neots and Ramsey at Little Miracles. My journey with the organisation began in 2015, and over the years, my role has evolved. Initially, I started as a volunteer and later transitioned into administration in December.

    Witnessing the joy and happiness in the faces of the families we serve is what makes all our efforts at Little Miracles truly worthwhile. Each day, as we arrive at work, we are reminded of the positive impact we make on these families' lives.

    Being a parent of a child with special needs has deeply influenced my path. It has instilled in me a strong desire to support and counsel other families to the best of my abilities. Little Miracles provides me with the platform to fulfil this passion and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.


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  • Meet Nat

    Published 21/10/22, by Sophia Wakemen

    Hey there! I'm Nat, and I'm thrilled to be a recent volunteer at Little Miracles Fenland.

    Every week brings new adventures and delightful experiences. It's truly a joy to form connections, forge friendships, and interact with other parents, learning from their valuable experiences.

    As a mother of two children with unique needs, I thrive on challenges. I find immense satisfaction in getting to know other families, understanding their journeys, and witnessing the incredible progress the children make as they learn and grow. It's a remarkable feeling to be a part of their development and see the positive impact Little Miracles has on their lives.


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  • Meet Mick

    Published 19/10/22, by Sophia Wakemen

    Hello, I'm Mick, and I have had the privilege of being a part of the Little Miracles family for three years, working as the Head of Families.

    One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is witnessing the genuine joy, laughter, and sense of accomplishment radiating from our families and young people. Their smiles and the happiness they experience in reaching their goals truly make my job fulfilling.

    My journey with Little Miracles began with a simple yet profound purpose: to support young people with disabilities in accessing workshops and activities. I started by volunteering at local youth clubs, dedicating my time to ensuring that these individuals had the opportunity to participate and enjoy enriching experiences. It is this desire to make a positive impact on their lives that led me to become a part of the incredible Little Miracles team.


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  • Meet Sam

    Published 10/10/22, by Sophia Wakemen

    Hi! I'm Sam, and I've had the privilege of serving as a Youth Worker at Little Miracles in Peterborough since May 2022.

    What truly ignites my passion for being a youth worker are the diverse range of activities I get to participate in, the projects I oversee, the remarkable individuals I meet, and the countless memorable experiences I have at the centre. It's an incredibly fulfilling role.

    My inspiration to become a youth worker stems from my grandmother, who had a background in working with young people. Witnessing her dedication and impact motivated me to explore this path. When I arrived for my interview at Little Miracles, I was greeted warmly by everyone at the centre. The vibrant and enjoyable nature of the childcare team instantly caught my attention, and I knew it was the right place for me. Since then, I have formed countless cherished memories while providing assistance to the wonderful families and children who visit Little Miracles.


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  • Meet Sasha

    Published 05/10/22, by Sophia Wakemen


    Hello there! I'm Sasha, and I've been a Child Practitioner at Little Miracles for the past 7 months.

    One of the aspects I truly cherish about my role is being able to provide parents with a much-needed break from the demands of everyday life. By ensuring their child is well taken care of at the centre, parents can have a moment to themselves, enjoy a warm cup of coffee, and recharge.

    The reason I joined Little Miracles was to extend support and assistance to families with children facing disabilities or other medical challenges. I aim to help them navigate through any obstacles they may encounter. Above all, I strive to create an environment where families feel embraced and understand that they are not alone in their journey. It's a privilege to make a positive difference in their lives and foster a sense of belonging for all who walk through our doors.



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