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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Little Miracles? 

Little Miracles is a community for families who have children (from pre-birth up to 25) with additional needs, disabilities and life-limiting conditions.

We have branches across the East of England, as well as active communities on our social media groups.

We are also a registered charity with the Charity Commission Number 1160178.

Please click here to view further details on the Charity Commission website. 

Can my family use Little Miracles? 

Little Miracles supports all families with a child  (ages 0-25) who has additional needs, disabilities and life-limiting conditions. We also support families when a child is awaiting diagnosis. It's that simple! Support options will be available to you straight away regardless of your family's circumstances, how you first came to us or how long you’ve been using our services.

It is not just the disabled child who is supported, our services are available to the whole family (siblings are also welcome to join in with our activities).

All we ask is that you complete a Membership Form before joining us. 

How can Little Miracles support my family? 

Firstly, we would get to know your family and understand their requirements. Families lead our service provision and we will support you in your journey at a pace that suits you. 

Little Miracles is a network of branches, each offering different services, based on what the families at each branch are passionate about and feel is lacking in their local area at the time. This means that each branch has its own personality and does things its own way.

 In brief, we offer services to families across four broad areas:

  • Support - We provide family support and therapeutic appointments to address families' questions, worries and fears. We aim to ensure that families are receiving everything that they are entitled to, both financially and emotionally
  • Training - We help parents and carers develop the skills needed to take care of their families, and help the entire family develop the skills needed to support one another
  • Activities and Respite - We provide recreational and educational activities for children and encourage them to develop peer-to-peer relationships. We also provide essential respite opportunities for families
  • Places - Our safe-places allow families to be themselves in a non-judmental environment whilst receiving the support their family needs

For full details of the support we offer please go to the How We Help section of this website.

How much does this cost? 

In most cases our services are paid for by the charity, but naturally we welcome donations which will help ensure that Little Miracles can grow, improve and be there for even more families when they need us most. 

We do, however, also provide some services which carry a cost, for example some therapies and day trips, however these are heavily subsidised. Discounts are available to families who receive an income-related benefit. Have a look at our Therapies page to see how that works.

Whenever possible a donation is at your discretion. We want to give everyone an equal opportunity to access our activities and services and understand that financial situations can be restrictive. We aim to remove all barriers to support for you and your family, the level of care you receive will not be affected if you are unable to contribute. Please speak to us in confidence if you have any concerns.

If you would like to donate to Little Miracles please visit the How to Donate page of the website, click on the link below or text RAINBOW to 70660 to give just £3 per month.

How do I get involved? 

Please complete a membership form. We ask for your contact details as well as information that will help us get to know you and keep you and your family safe in an emergency. It is essential that you let us know if any of this information changes.

You can also fill in a membership form at any of our branches.


Do I need to stay with my child? 

In most cases your child will need to be accompanied on-site by a responsible adult. This is to ensure their safety and wellbeing.  Our team is, however, always here to help and support you.   

There are some pre-bookable sessions where you are able to leave your child. These will be well-advertised in advance on our social media pages and the correct documentation must be completed before leaving them with us.

If you are attending a training course or one-to-one appointment then your child can join our childcare team and participate in ongoing activities nearby. We will know who your child is and will come and get you if there are any problems. Where appropriate your child can also stay with you if they would prefer.

An exception to this policy is Youth Club which is designed for children aged between 13 and 25. Parents and carers can leave their child with our Youth Club team providing mutual consent is sought and the correct documentation has been completed. This is also true of our respite services.

How Little Miracles funded and how does it spend its money? 

For a full breakdown of our income and expenditure please visit our Charity Commission page.

Little Miracles is primarily funded by donations from individuals, companies, trusts and grants. We also generate income alongside our services, for example we charge external organisations for training and sell items in the shop at our Queensgate Sensory Room.

The picture below demonstrates how much is spent on delivering our four main objectives; giving families emotional and practical support, providing activities and respite opportunities, delivering training and offering safe spaces where families and the children can make friends and be heard. Around 6 pence in every pound is spent ensuring the smooth running and growth of Little Miracles.  This includes staff costs,  maintenance, safeguarding checks and fundraising.

Does my child need a diagnosis? 

Your child does not need a diagnosis.  We understand that sometimes the journey to receiving a correct diagnosis can be a long one and therefore welcome any child with an additional need, disability or life-limiting condition, irrespective of where you are in your journey. We accept self-referrals or your child can be referred by any member of their healthcare team.

Do you have questions that have not been covered? Please complete the form below and we will be in touch.