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Blog Posts from our Families

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  • Arthur's Story - A burn is for life, but so is a smile

    Published 02/06/23, by Louise Evans

    Arthur's mum Laura shares their story and advice on how to react if your child is burnt 

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  • Michelle tells us why she fears for Oliver's future

    Published 17/04/23, by Louise Evans

    As NHS England feels the need to remind clinical staff that having either a learning disability or Autism is not an acceptable reason to place a DNACPR (Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) on people without proper advanced care planning, below are some of the realities that our community are facing which scares me about the future for my son and who will advocate for him if I cannot.

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  • Cher's Post

    Published 22/03/23, by Louise Evans

    Cher tells us about living with Epilepsy

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  • Mandy's Post

    Published 21/03/23, by Louise Evans

    Mandy talks about how Mother's Day can be different through the eyes of a child with Autism

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