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Why families come to Little Miracles

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  • Sonny

    Published 28/02/24, by Louise Evans

    "We are Sharon and Sonny and had have been part of Little Miracles for a couple of years now. We always feel welcome and supported. I know that if I needed help or advice with anything that I can ask.

    Sonny has Autism and was only diagnosed aged 5. If I had an earlier diagnosis we would have done lots more with LM when he was younger. Before Sonny was 5 I found it so difficult to entertain him every day. Sonny likes to go out and would always want to know where are we going today. I exhausted all the parks in about a 30 mile radius. We used to go to places that weren’t too busy so he didn’t get too overwhelmed. The local area childrens stay and play type things did not hold his interest plus it was stressful for me as I didn’t know how he would react or behave especially when the singing would inevitably begin. The summer before Sonny started school was a very lonely and overwhelming, stressful time for me, how to fill 6 weeks?

    Once we found Little Miracles there were so many things to choose from and so varied. We have done lots of firsts with Little Miracles including rollerskating, which he really took to straight away and it wasn’t too busy and he was ok with the music too. Recently we went to our first ever cinema trip, he does not sit and watch films usually but as it was Peppa and it was with Little Miracles we could relax and know that if he didn’t sit the whole time it would be ok and also when he talked loudly through some of it that was ok too. We go to pretty much every bouncy thing we can and he just loves it and it takes a lot of pressure off of me too and he gets to socialise. One of our favourite outings is Fenland Light Railway he loves going on the train and watching the Model Thomas train. At Christmas we went to Sandringham to see the lights and it was just magical. It was magical for us all because we got to go to something that we could be in safe company but also something that if it wasn’t for Little Miracles we would not be able to afford. We are members of Litttle Miracles Ramsay, Fenland, St Neots and Ely and now much more is happening closer to home in Huntingdon which is perfect for us. Sonny loves to know what he is doing and where we are going and when so to be able to book things up is fantastic. I no longer dread school holidays as I know there will be things to do. Little Miracles is brilliant and we would be lost without it. 

    Thank you!"

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  • Elizabeth

    Published 14/02/24, by Louise Evans

    "My name is Lizzy and I am mummy to three wonderful little boys, Max, 6, Teddy, 4, and Percy, 2. When Max was about 2 years old it became clear to me that he was struggling and by the time he was five he had been diagnosed with global development impairment and a speech and language disorder. In the past year he has also been diagnosed with autism. Max is the most wonderful joyful child and I am so lucky to be his mummy but he does face some considerable struggles. Parenting a child like Max can be an incredibly sad and lonely experience. As he has started school it has become more obvious how far he is falling behind other children his age. Max struggles to make friends at school and says he often feels lonely. He can't attend the clubs or after school activities his school friends do. This is really where Little Miracles has been a lifeline for us.

    We were introduced to Little Miracles before Christmas in 2022 after a volunteer spotted Max walking around a market in ear defenders. She advised me to get in touch. Although we attended a Christmas party that year we really started attending events in the summer holidays last year. I was so worried about how Max would cope out of routine and with a long summer ahead but Little Miracles offered so many activities in our town that we filled the summer with fun. We were instantly made to feel part of the Little Miracles family. Max has been welcomed, loved and understood right from the start. He has made friends and had adventures, including a trip to Harry Potter World, that just wouldn't be possible for him without this wonderful charity. Max says every day at Little Miracles is the best day ever!

    Max's younger brothers look forward to coming to Little Miracles just as much as he does and one of the most wonderful things is watching all the children of different abilities play together with compassion and understanding. 

    For me Little Miracles has provided the love and understanding I needed at a time that I was finding parenting the hardest and most lonely. I know now where my people are. I can have a coffee and chat with other parents who just get it. I know that Little Miracles will offer the support we need as a family as we navigate the challenging and difficult world of raising Max. I honestly couldn't feel more lucky or more grateful and all I can do is say thank you from me and from Max from the bottom of our hearts"

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  • Natalie and Bradley

    Published 14/02/24, by Louise Evans

    "We started coming to Little Miracles whilst Violet was undergoing diagnosis for her disability. At the time I knew she had a problem with her mobility but I didn’t know to what scale, or the implications it would have on her health or our family. Since then she and also her little brother Charles, have been diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy.

    Violet loves coming to Little Miracles and it’s lovely for her to be included in every activity. It’s not just a safe, fun space for her to play. It’s somewhere that we as her parents can come and chat with other parents who are going through similar struggles.

    We particularly enjoy the coach trips which without Little Miracles, we wouldn’t be able to afford days out like this.

    Thank you so much, for always providing a welcoming place for our children to play"

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