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Training & Strategies

.Little Miracles offers a range of training courses and workshops to help you reach your goals.

We can help you achieve the skills and qualifications you need to advance your career or get a better understanding of issues that are important to your family life.

These include:

  • Learning about your child's condition and understanding modern theories around specific disabilities
  • Sharing experiences with other parents and taking home strategies that can help with issues such as toileting, sleeping and anger management
  • Learning communication techniques such as British Sign Language and Makaton
  • Understanding mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression in both yourself and your children and learning effective management techniques. Little Miracles can also help with counselling and other therapies
  • Helping you to write an attractive CV, finding employment opportunities, gaining confidence and learning presentation skills for job interviews. We might be able to offer you a volunteering role which could help secure further volunteering opportunities, education or paid employment
  • Enabling you to help other families in need - you could learn how to help someone else complete a Disability Living Allowance form for example

You can check the events calendar to see training courses and workshops running at each Little Miracles branch. Please be aware that you will need to book onto the course as availability is limited; the event listing will tell you everything you need to know.

You are welcome to attend events held at any branch, courses are planned around school pickup times and are free to access. Childcare is usually available, on the occasions it is not then your children is able to stay with you. Light refreshments are often available.

Our training courses and workshops are run by friendly professionals who are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are in need of urgent one-to-one advice then please request an appointment with one of our Family Support team by phoning 01733 262226 or completing our contact form.

Some of our online training courses which have been recorded can be accesses here.

The following articles may also help with learning new strategies and techniques: