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It's amazing what a tin of beans can do!

A parent tells us about the difference that support from Little Miracles has made to her entire family -

We are a large family of six children; our daughter has complex needs, a genetic disorder, learning difficulties, communication and mobility difficulties, and is autistic. Two of our other children also have additional needs. 

Little Miracles has supported our whole family which has been very much needed.  We have attended organised trips, fun activities at their Peterborough Centre and had ad-hoc family support. Attending trips with Little Miracles has meant that our whole family could go together, something that never happens! I had the support there if needed for all children and the peace of mind this gave me was incredible. We could enjoy the day as a family, be together, make memories and have fun - absolutely priceless and something all families should be able to do! 

Although we received support prior to 2020, it was from here onwards that Little Miracles made a difference that changed our lives enormously. 

At the beginning of 2020, just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, my son who has additional needs and was 11 at the time, had been removed from school due to various reasons. Covid-19 put a spanner in the works in regards to resolving the school issues. However, this did not stop Little Miracles from supporting us. As a family we received weekly food parcels which felt like a huge weight had been lifted - we did not have to worry about providing our children with food. 

As the pandemic lifted, we became regular visitors to the centre. With encouragement from the childcare team, our daughter made friends! Friends who understood her and welcomed her with open arms. Our daughter’s self-confidence and limited social skills were frustrating her but after weekly 1:1 sessions with a childcare worker her confidence grew and she blossomed into a child who can now independently ask for some help. 

The support given to our daughter was incredible - although messy! Very messy! Our daughter loves messy play and with being unable to read or write, her 1:1 got some baked beans and encouraged mark making, learning sounds and being taught phonics. Our daughter didn’t realise just how much she was learning…. fast-forward to now and our daughter can write WHOLE sentences! The work that goes into writing a whole sentence is incredible so I'm sure you can appreciate just how far she has come! 

Baked beans have also meant she now loves colouring, she can stay in the lines and really enjoys winding down after a busy day with a colouring book. 

Baked beans, with a little help from the childcare team, have also given our daughter the ability to count…and read a book out loud to us! Which is my favourite thing ever to hear. 

Amazing what a tin of baked beans can do! 

From the minute I was lucky enough to be welcomed into the Little Miracles family my children have all felt included and cared for. My daughter feels part of an amazing group of friends as well as my son who is in the home education group. Which may I add are absolutely amazing. Each of his teachers are so patient and caring and make sure each child is individually looked after with their education. 
I really don’t know what I would do without the care and support from you all.

Thank you!