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Navigating the DLA maze: Our guide to help families

For many, filling-out a Disability Living Allowance (DLA) form can feel like navigating through a labyrinth without a map. The process is not just time-consuming; it's emotionally draining, often requiring you to articulate the challenges your loved one faces in ways that are both precise and compelling.  It forces you to examine the bad days that often we try not to focus on whilst feeling like it is trying to catch you out.  At Little Miracles Charity, we understand the weight of this task, and we're here to help.

The challenge of DLA forms

The DLA form, designed to assess the level of care and support a child with disabilities requires, is exhaustive. It asks for detailed information about daily routines, medical conditions, and the specific types of assistance needed. For families, articulating the depth and breadth of their loved one's needs can be daunting. The complexity of the questions, combined with the fear of inadvertently providing information that might not fully communicate their situation, adds to the stress.

You can find out more and apply for the forms here.

Our commitment to support you

We have been there!  I personally have completed hundreds if not thousands of DLA forms for families over the last 15 years however I still let my own sons lapse because I could not face completing the renewal forms for him.  Little Miracles have been supporting families to complete DLA forms since we began but we also recognise that sometimes the waiting lists can be to long.  In response to this we have developed a comprehensive guide which goes through the form question by question and is designed to make the DLA application process as straightforward as possible. Our guide is not just a document; it's a companion through this challenging journey. It offers practical advice, step-by-step instructions, and insider tips to ensure that you can present your case in the most effective manner.

Why our guide is different

Our DLA guide stands-out because it's crafted from real experiences and insights from families just like yours combined with expert knowledge from our team. We know first-hand the obstacles and challenges, and we've poured our learning into this guide to empower you. Whether it's decoding complex questions or advising on the type of evidence to include, our guide is here to illuminate the path forward.

What this also means in practice is that the guide is long!  Please do not be put off by this - we are not expecting anyone to read the whole guide but to dip in and out of the different questions that you need the bit of extra help with.

Download our guide

We invite you to download our DLA guide today by completing the form below. Embrace this resource and let it take some of the weight off your shoulders. With our guide, we hope to not only simplify the application process but also to secure the support your family deserves.