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Meet Vicky

Hello! I am Vicky, a volunteer at the Nottinghamshire Branch. I have been volunteering for around six months now, but I've been attending Little Miracles events since last Easter, and really feel like I've found our tribe.

This group, this team, have been an absolute God-send to both myself and my little boy who's 7 and autistic. We've both made friends and I feel so supported. I can talk openly about anything that's affecting us with no judgement - everyone simply understands.

At the beginning of December last year, I decided that Little Miracles had been such a help to us, I wanted to be involved, so I took the leap and started volunteering!

Due to work and family commitments, my role is generally helping at events, chatting with other parents and carers about DLA or EHCPs.

More importantly, we're involved in the planning and arranging of events, so we always know what we're up to from one week to the next. We go swimming monthly, have fortnightly after-school groups, and regular trips to farm parks and soft play for our children to play - and the parents and carers to relax and swap stories and advice.


Would you like to become involved in volunteering like Vicky? Email to find out more.