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Meet Lauren


I am Lauren, a fundraiser and family of Little Miracles. I am Mum to Ava, the cheekiest 8 year old you will ever meet, and Elouise and Theo, my two beautiful babies who are sadly no longer here with us. 

Little Miracles first supported me 8 years ago when my daughter Ava was born. You can read more about my family and how Little Miracles have supported us here, if you wish!

Having an employer who understands, appreciates, and accommodates my personal situation means that I am able to work. Little Miralces fully comprehend and embrace the fact that my child's well-being and needs always come first. This understanding and support are the reasons why I never want to leave! Fundraising is my way of giving back, as helping other families like mine means everything to me. Little Miracles has been my guiding light, pulling me out of dark places, and I want to ensure that no other family ever feels alone or helpless.

I look forward to connecting with you all!