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Why You Need a Max Card & How to Get One...

Max cards … What are they and what do they do?

Max cards are the UK’s top discount card for families of children with additional needs, disabilities and/or life limiting conditions or illnesses. One card covers a family of 4.

There are 100’s of places across the UK where you can use these cards and discounts vary from place to place. They can be used at all Merlin attractions where you get up to a whooping 52% off! Jorvik and Eureka are completely free with a Max card!

Some places offer discounts for the whole family, others just for the disabled child.

For a list of all attractions, information and discounts available please visit

Even better news….

Little Miracles are an authorised stockist of Max Cards and can be purchased from us for £5. You can either collect from our Peterborough Branch or we can post for an additional £1.
Little Miracles require proof of additional need/disability via DLA or Diagnosis letter. These can be sent to

To request a card from us, please fill out this form.

Once the form has been received, an invoice will be sent out to you. Your card will only be sent once proof and Payment has been received.

Have you been anywhere and used your max card? Did you get great discount? Please let us know if there is anywhere you recommend so we can share with our families!