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Lock Down Parent

Our exceptional families

As we are emerging out of lockdown and start to return to normal, the past 6 months of this year seeming so surreal and at the same time like its hard to remember what it was like before we had to queue to get inside a shop, or when we were able to go see our grandparents whenever we wanted.

For some of us adjusting to life in and after lockdown will require very little effort, to some, it will come as a bit of a struggle, but for our families, the struggles are far from over and the new life adjustments bring a lot of anxiety, suppressed emotions and fear.

During this time I keep thinking about the children, overnight they had their whole lives turned upside down, no school, no friends, no grandparents, no parks, no long walks or days out.
To know things are changing but not being able to understand why they are changing, or if you did something wrong to not be allowed out anymore must be so confusing and frustrating.

I think about the different possibilities for families;
A lot of parents could go on working from home with their children in the house, studying or playing by themselves, maybe on a gaming console or with toys.
A lot of parents were furloughed and could stay home with their children and support them with schoolwork and stimulation.
I am happy for these parents, but there is another group of parents who seem to be forgotten.

Our parents, with children who have additional needs, disabilities, and life-limiting conditions.
To them, Lockdown has meant not only a disruption in routines but a disruption in life.

No shopping- at best a delivery slot a week, Boris boxes and if lucky friends or family who can help top them up in between.
Financial worries - raising a child with disabilities costs on average 4 times as much as a neurotypical child during normal circumstances.
No support network - Many family careers rely heavily on going out to access support in the community, emotionally as well as financially.
No Sleep - with worry and anxiety always present relaxing enough to sleep can be a real struggle.

Now imagine you are a young child, you can't go outside, you can't see anyone and mommy/daddy are tired, anxious, and stressed.
Children pick up on our emotions and they can be both confusing and unsettling.
This can lead to emotional trauma and a significant increase in challenging behavior.

Make sure you take care of yourself, you need to be you for your child.
If you need anything we're here to help.