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Jailbreak 2019 - Friday 25th to Sunday 27th

The Wallys

Multiple Award Challenges

9 x Loyalty Card – 2 miles each: Petrol Stations and Fast Food Restaurants.

19 x Advocate – 2 miles each: Little Miracles logo in challenge submission photo.

2 x Public Service – 10 miles each: Photo with Fireman & Ferry Worker

6 x Tourist – 10 miles each: O2 Arena, War Graves, Hourglass & Dunkirk Beach, NATO Building, Dover Port & Victorian Lighthouse, Cliffs of Dover.

5 x International – 50 miles each: France, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Germany.

5 Miles Challenges

Random Encounter: Statue Street Performer

10 Mile Challenges

Video Advocate: Girl signed ‘please support Little Miracles’ on video

White Collar: Man dressed in suit

Two for Flinching: Man dressed in yellow jacket

Name Envy: Best team name. Additional 5 miles for Wally’s being accurate (jamie forgetting passport).

50 Mile Challenges

Tactical: Last to leave Peterborough

Desperate Times: Jamie sleeping on bench

Long Haul: On a Ferry

Sweet Talk: Blagged showers and accommodation via Facebook

One for The Grandkids: Jamie getting searched for at border

100 Mile Challenges

Vlogger: Most video submissions


Mad Girls

Multiple Award Challenges

1 x Loyalty Card – 2 miles each: Service Station

8 x Advocate – 2 miles each: Little Miracles logo in challenge submission photo.

6 x Tourist – 10 miles each: Edinburgh Castle, The Kelpies, State, Mountain Memorial, Loch Lomond.

5 Miles Challenges

Grass, as far as the eye can see: Grassy hillside photo

10 Mile Challenges

Happy to Help: Shop worker with tongue out

Keep the Day Job: Kicked out of car for singing

ROYGBIV: Picture of rainbow

We have a Moment: Having a go on a toy car ride

25 mile challenges

Absolute Unit: Picture next to the tallest person

Getting Involved: Picture in Loch Lomond frame

50 Mile Challenges

International: Scotland.

Stand Out: Best fancy dress effort, superheroes with capes and oriented shirts.

100 Mile Challenges

Musou Mode: Dressed in martial arts gear and completed a sequence

Captured the Moment: Best picture – image of the Scottish Highlands.

Awwww: picture with cutest animal