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Food for thought.

How to make anything but meat pie!

Today I got to sit in on the cooking session at 2 pm, it was led by Emily and we were making meat pie.
Or rather they were, I was called in after 10 minutes of the session as Emily's internet was going down. Like a knight in shining armour, I rushed to the session and found 5 busy bees' making pie.
Or rather 3 were making pie, 2 were making pasta tuna bake.

Turns out everyone had different ingredients to work with so they just went with it and had fun.
I saw the first-ever breakfast pie, it had everything breakfasty you can think of, beans, eggs, bacon, meat, and of course lots of love. Maya, the proud maker of the breakfast pie proudly proclaimed the bowl of the pie was her prized possession and she did not wish to part with it for the oven just yet.
Lucas and his mother made pasta bake together and Lucas showed what a wizard he is in the kitchen, grating cheese, tidying up and keeping his mom on track.
Sitting behind a screen watching them cook together is lovely, but I am very much looking forward to seeing it for real soon.
However, it is incredible to see how much joy the kids get even from being on Zoom with us.
It breaks up their day, it gives them something new to do, people to talk to, a challenge to games.
I think Maya beat me at rock paper scissors five times. Not to mention charades.

Cooking is a life skill and knowing how to cook healthy food on a budget is a vital part of life, we try to tailor each of our sessions to suit any size family, and if you have any suggestions on what to cook, please let us know!
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