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      5 steps to a calmer morning

      So many of us will relate to those difficult mornings, you know the ones with meltdowns, lost shoes and a pack lunch that you buy at the corner shop on route to school but what if there were ways to help? Now these steps are not magical answers and will not help for all children […]

      Is charity a good thing?

      So I am writing this in response to “The trouble with charity … and honours” by Nigel Thornton published in ‘Peterborough Today’ earlier this week. The full article can be found at “David Beckham’s charity efforts put me to shame – in fact most people’s do. Unlike David, who let’s face it is the […]

      Those “inspirational” videos

      THIS BLOG POST HAS BEEN SUBMITTED ANONYMOUSLY BY ONE OF OUR PARENTS – IT IS NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF LITTLE MIRACLES   If you have a disabled child then you know the ones.  The happy smiley child crossing the finishing line, the child making eye contact and smiling to his mum the first time […]

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