Network Manager

You will be working 37.5 hours per week, starting with a 6 weeks probation period, with a permeant contract at the end for the right candidate. You will be managing one of the business development officers and the 8 management committees for the branches.

Job Description: You will ensure the delivery of high standards of service throughout all 8 of our current branches by working with the 8 management committee groups. We want to have 30 branches by the year 2019 and you will be crucial link between the branches. You will also work closely with the CEO to ensure each branch has the right resources to function.

This will be done through development of each branches’ management committee, ensuring our services have uniform standards across the branch network, assist with marketing to increase the amount of children and families are accessing our services and working against budgets. You will control and regulate our growth and development by monitoring; internal communications, making relationships with external businesses and charities, control development by setting targets, training our staff/volunteers and finances. Your job will have a high impact on our communication across the whole charity.

Major Responsibilities:

-Setting target then communicating with the branches to ensure they reach their desired goals, creating action plans if this is not the case.

-They would provide mentoring and administration support across our branch network, as well as setting targets and ensuring they are met through implementing development strategies.

-As part of maintaining high standards across our network, they would also lead in the training and development of our staff and volunteers.

-Manage internal affairs and develop relationships with other charities/organisations. This would help us make consortium bids and increase our profile nationally.

Knowledge and Skills:

-You need to demonstrate excellent communication skills over the phone, face to face and messaging with a good ability to influence people.

-You need to genuinely enjoy helping others.

-You will need ambition and creativity in order to push the branches to their desired goals.

-Ability to manage and develop each branch to deliver on the targets/goals you set.

-Exceptional Leadership skills to drive our management committee’s performance.

-Very organised and ability to adapt to change quickly as each area is slightly different.

-Hold a driving licence.

-Be a self-starter that takes initiative.


You will need at least 2 years’ experience managing people so you can positively manage people. You will be in charge of volunteers so building strong relationships with these people will be vital, ideally you will have volunteered or worked at a charity before. We are looking for a candidate who has used a CRM system before with experience analysing data then turning the data in targets/budgets.