How We Can Help

Never be afraid to ask for help 

If you have a child with additional needs it can be hard and it is okay to recognise that.  People often genuinely want to help but often do not know what to do or what to say what the families we work with have told us is that it is important to accept offers of help but also to let people know what they can do to help you.  From a practical point of view there may be benefits that you are entitled to and you can visit to find out more about these or speak to one of our Family Support Workers who will be able to help you in finding out what you are entitled to both financially and also about other charities and organisations that can help as well as making the relevant applications with you.



Our play scheme offers a non-judgemental atmosphere for children to play and feel accepted. We like to include siblings and the parents/carers have the chance to speak to other families in similar positions, allowing them to get advice and techniques to assist with family life.


We offer a sensory library which you can access for free as long as you are a member of Little Miracles. This can be used to see what works for your child and what doesn’t so you don’t spend money on expensive equipment that doesn’t work. Our staff can also show you different sensory circuits and how to use the equipment effectively.

Information About Disabilities

We offer a wide range of information, including a befriending scheme, so you can get access to all the knowledge you need. If we can’t help you, we will know someone who can help you, we have links with other charities who may be able to give you more help in certain specialist areas.

Counselling and Bereavement Support

Our counselling and bereavement services are targeted at our parents as many, although all unique, have very similar problems. Bereavement support can assist you even pre-bereavement support can be offered if your young one falls ill. Both services are confidential and we can beat the waiting times on many other services offered to you.

Low Cost Holidays

In 2014 we won £50,000 from the ITV peoples Millions, enabling us to provide low-cost holidays to our members. It is accessible including having a hoist system and is located at Kelling Heath near Cromer.  More details about the park can be found here

Kelling Heath is set amongst 300 acres of woodland and rare open heathland in an area of outstanding natural beauty set in a wonderful environment where you can relax and enjoy activities together with your children and family.



We will do an assessment of you and your family then ensure you are receiving everything you are entitled to. We can help with certain paperwork and offer advice regarding your current situation.


We have links with other groups and can advise on who to apply to for items you need to improve your child’s quality of life. This can include our links with the local food bank but usually, we help get specialist equipment, mobility vehicles or home adaptions.


We offer advocacy meaning we can help you with schools, assist with confusing letters you receive from doctors and explain them in simpler terms. This is very flexible and you should consult your closest branch to see what help they can offer locally.

Occupational Therapy

We provide help with sensory integration disorder and daily living skills via our Occupational Therapy Service


Our support stretches into workshops such as disability specific workshops. These vary and have included days on specific topics like EHC plans, ADHD support groups and Think Autism. We have also offered courses so you can build your knowledge and help you become more employable. As we work with a variety of agencies we have also put on things like sign language courses and a variety of other things so contact us and find out what is going on in your area.


These keys are used to enter public disability toilets across the country. We are a licenced distributor and the keys cost £3.50 + postage.