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Meet Jill!

Little Miracles would not, and could not, exist without the passion and dedication of so many wonderful volunteers.

We are a community first and foremost, and it’s our community spirit that’s got us past these tough few months. So much of this volunteering effort goes unnoticed, except to the thousands of families it means the world to.

We’d like to share one such journey with you.

If you’ve received a food donation from Little Miracles in the past few months, then you’ll know Jill. We asked Jill what drives her to help people who are in a similar position to herself:

“I’ve been volunteering for Little Miracles for around four years now, as a Family Support Worker.

I love that I can give back with my time and skills I’ve learned not only through my qualifications but also through life experiences.

It’s a privilege to work with families and take a bit of the stress away from them, from helping with DLA forms to supporting with emotional and mental health issues.

Over this lockdown period, I have helped facilitate and deliver emergency food parcels to thousands of families, many of whom would be literally starving without help.

Being part of an amazing team that goes above and beyond to help others is both an honour and privilege.”

– Jill

Everyone has something they can offer, big or small, so if you are inspired to help in any way you can, please get in touch.