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How we support children like Adam.

“It can be difficult to get the support you and your
family needs at the best of times, and the challenges we’ve all faced
in the past few months may have been the hardest yet. Families have
been isolated from the support networks they rely on, and from one
another, at the worst possible time – where support networks like
Little Miracles are needed the most. We have been working hard over
this lockdown period to provide the high-quality services families

need when they need it, but at a distance. With 77% of our children
being in the shielded category, it is crucial that families can still
have their voices heard and be connected to one another. Everything
you need from Little Miracles is still available online: our online
community, advice, family support services, counselling, and even
childcare activities!”

“Little Miracles is a safe haven for children like Adam*. Adam has
delayed speech; he finds it difficult to make himself understood and
to make friends in usual settings. He was struggling to cope in
everyday situations and it was very stressful for him and his family.
This all changed when he came to Little Miracles at The Spinney. Here
he found friends that were different just like him, and where people
of all ages were understanding and patient – they wanted to hear what
he had to say. Adam was nervous at first, but over time, he began to
initiate conversations and learned new, non-verbal ways to
communicate. His experiences at Little Miracles have empowered him to
come out of his shell elsewhere too; but most importantly, he is
“We know times are hard at the minute, but if you can, please consider
donating* to Little Miracles so we can continue to help children like
Adam and his family. Your support gives families in need the ability
to access the services they deserve.”