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The Eaton's Children's Centre, Bushmead Road, Eaton Socon, PE19 8BT

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Little Miracles Caravan


Charity Winter Ball

Little Miracles and Taylor Rose TTKW are holding a charity Winter Ball on Saturday 13th January 2017 at The Ballroom at the Haycock, Wansford. Unfortunately The Spinney (the home of Little Miracles Peterborough branch) was victim to breaking and entering, theft and vandalism on New Year’s Eve. The shed was broken into and quite a […]

Building a strong relationship whilst caring for your child

By: Tammy C. Forester All couples face adversity of some kind at some point in their marriage. With divorce rates on the rise, and some scary statistics for divorce rates for couples with disabled children it seems like it is harder today than ever to create a successful relationship. In a fast-paced modern world finding […]

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